Genium – Bionic Prosthetic System

Development project and inspiration in one

The Genium – Bionic Prosthetic System represents groundbreaking progress in the field of lower limb prosthetics. It is the result of extensive research and development efforts as well as more than 14 years of practical experience with the C-Leg® prosthetic system. Thanks to the latest computer control technology, the functionality of the Genium far surpasses previous prosthetic solutions. The Genium is the first of a whole new generation of microprocessor-controlled, intelligent leg prostheses. It will help redefine quality of life and everyday mobility for amputees.

Optimized Physiological Gait – OPG

Groundbreaking Prosthetics. The Genium offers for the first time the opportunity to walk with a gait that's incredibly close to the natural physiological one.

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Additional Functions of the Genium

Walking, strolling, striding, jogging, running – using the prothesis intuitively. With the Genium, complex, highly innovative technology has been harnessed for effective, everyday use.


Triton Foot


Our engineers are dedicated to mobility. Their goal was to develop a prosthetic foot that offers incredible function both for everyday life and for recreational sports.

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